ROCK of the North

Find the ROCK of the North and you win $1,000.00! Here is how it works….

  • We will hide one rock each week worth $1,000.00
  • Three clues a day
  • Two clues posted daily at our sponsors location
  • One email BONUS clue at noon
  • You must be 18 years old to claim the money when you find the ROCK
  • The ROCK will always be hidden in a public spot
  • The ROCK will never be buried
  • Find the ROCK and text the number with a selfie of you and the rock
  • Enter to win additional prizes

The first clue will be out at 10AM on June 1st. A complete list of all the sponsors and locations will be posted on this page before 10AM on June 1st. Simply go to a sponsor location and a new code will be posted at 10AM and 2PM.

Text the code to 507-354-6101 and we will send you back the clue. Each sponsor has a unique code. Go to as many sponsors as you can and text every code for more entries in the final giveaways for additional prizes. Every time you text a different code, you receive an additional entry into the final giveaways after the 4th ROCK is found. 

BONUS CLUE! Each day at noon we will email out a BONUS clue to everyone in our EMAIL CLUB! If you already signed up you will receive the bonus clue. If not, click here to sign up.