Harvest Photo Contest

Harvest, a special time on the farm. Share your special photos of this time of year. Anyone can send pictures to: contest@knuj.net

A harvest moon, junior on the combine, the family working together, rural scene at sunrise or sunset…whatever. Whether you are engaged in farming or just came across a beautiful scene, share your pictures and send us. We’ll post them on our website and Facebook.

All entries will be entered in a drawing for prizes!

Photos submitted by Jeremy Kramer
Photo submitted by Adam Reinhart
“Two boys just waiting to ride with Papa” Photo submitted by
Karen Wendinger
Photos submitted by Tim & Katie Joehnck

“Grandpa Dennis taking his grandson Edwin for a combine ride” Submitted by Jenna Krzmarzick
Submitted by Scott Madsen
Deer Checking out the grain truck & checking the moisture – Photos submitted by Suzanne Kral
Photos submitted by Heidi Schwab
Working hard- Steve at Hanska /hilltop. Photo submitted by Suzanne Kral
Sunset does not mean rest for those with a deadline. It is instead a treat for those who care for world by farming.’ 
Kristen Drill

The view from “my office”! – Kathy Clobes
A Southern Minnesota evening view after a long day. -Mark Forst
53 years of harvests together. Sharing a snack and contemplating if this will be their last (we say “no!”)Submitted by Angel Weber
“The Black Family Farm” Submitted by Jennifer Klabunde
Farmer Aaliyah riding in the combine!! Submitted by Tony and Amanda Fuchs
Submitted by Scott Stein
Submitted by Bill Johnson
Sunset on another Harvest. Photos submitted by Stacie Simon
“My parents have harvested together for my whole life! One would say a farmer never dies . But the joy that 2 simple skeletons brings is just joy to what can be a stressful time” Submitted by Amber Swing
Caveman Dan and his wife working hard.  
2nd picture enjoying a ride with their aunt.” Submitted by Samantha Seidl

“Full moon rising” Submitted by Peter Hoffman
Submitted by Luke Hegler
Submitted by: Dustin VanHale
“The first is my grandpa working on the farm with his wedding ring on the wrong finger so it stays on. The second is obviously the combine at sunset.” Submitted by Andrea Sorenson
“Helping daddy and grandpa farm” Submitted by Katie Johnson
“Scruffy likes to ride in the grain cart tractor” Submitted by Gary Gilbertson
Just a few of my favorites this fall. Submitted by: Sandra Groebner
Submitted by Jackie Griebel
“Daughter home for the weekend from college to help with Harvest” Bennet Jeppesen
“Bountiful harvest”
Submitted by Lenora Zitzman
Submitted by: Kathy Hulke
“Kramer dairy making feed and hauling Manure” Submitted by Jeremy Kramer
Photos submitted by Lynnae Pelzel

“Harvesting at sunset
& future farmer checking out the corn yield” Submitted by Diane Hauth

Submitted by Joe Sondag
“A family affair! Father directing son, father and daughter and two sons hauling.” Jessica Nachreiner
Bountiful Harvest
Submitted by Marv Gieseke
Submitted by: Alisa Heiderscheidt ~ Sleepy Eye, MN
“Our Corn Angels Visit” Submitted by Dale & Jan Forst
Another day on the farm” submitted by Michael Webster , Bernadotte township
“Team Work” Submitted by  Clarine Stepien, Glencoe
 “Taking a break from harvest, Grandpa enjoying time with the twins.” Submitted by Betsy Berger
“Making sure papa Dave doing things righ. Someone bummed he didn’t get the buddy seat!” Submitted by Lisa Hertling
“I’m only 11. I ran over what?!!” Submitted by Joel Johnson
“Finishing tillage 10-20,2020” Submitted by Dave Haala

Submitted by: Alisa Heiderscheidt ~ Sleepy Eye, MN
Submitted by Jim Zenk – Olivia, MN
“First year farmer!”
Submitted by Adam Braun
Submitted by Amy Braun
“Bare, Half Full, Full”
“Nephew and Dog”
“Squirrel enjoying corn”Submitted by Diane Bias-Mosel
“Grampa and grandson spending time in the combine” Submitted by Kim
Submitted by Ronald Helget
“Grandma & Grandpa with the Grandkids by Madelia!” Submitted by Mark Gronewold
“One of those days!”
A setting sun reflecting off of some silos, making for a beautiful picture. Submitted by David Zenk