Halloween Costume Contest

“Cruella and her dalmatian Coco” Submitted by Amanda Heig

“We have Mama bear and Sister bear from Berenstain Bears, beetle juice, and smarty pants (smarties candy attached)” Submitted by Shannon Barie
“Audrey (Chloe) and Evie (Erika) – the Descendants” Submitted by Renee DeZeeuw
Submitted by Kevin & Beth Fluegge
New Ulm, MN
“Kingston’s first Halloween – the newest firefighter in town” Submitted by Renee DeZeeuw
“This is my son, Kenton Geer, with his girlfriend Maddie. Perfect Barbie and Ken!” Submitted by Rosie Geer
“4 day old Mickey Mouse –
Cody Schaefer Born 10/27″ Submitted by Jamie Cole
“Mama cow and baby cows” Submitted by Ruth Klossner of Bernadotte
Halloween Cast of Characters:
Dorothy- Renae Schwarzrock (Submitted by)
Scarecrow- Brenda Lang
Tin Man – Paul Schwarzrock
Cowardly Lion- Brian Carlson
Wicked Witch of the West – Jan Carlson
“You’ve got a friend in me!” Submitted by Emily Krzmarzick
“Thing 1 and Thing 2!” Addisyn and Bennett Mielke Submitted by Brooke Mielke 
“This Halloween we had a crabby old man (Aiden Schroeder) and Elsa (April Schroeder)”
 Submitted by Michele Schroeder

“My grandson Ashton has waited long enough to go trick or treating…
The look you get from Captain America when he is losing his patience…”
Submitted by Tom Niehoff