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The first stop on our Town Days 2019 Tour is Railway Bar & Grill in Sleepy Eye today, on Sleepy Eye Day

Brownton/New Auburn: Thursday, February 21

BROWNTON & NEW AUBURN--History -- The City of Brownton was founded in the year 1857 by Alonzo Brown. -- The City of Brownton was originally called...

Wabasso: Tuesday, February 26

WABASSO--History -- The City of Wabasso was founded in the year 1900. -- Wabasso is located in Redwood County on Highways 68 and 6. -- The name...

Morgan/Franklin: Monday, February 25

MORGAN & FRANKLIN--History -- The City of Morgan was founded in the year 1878 by the railroad. -- The City of Franklin was founded in the...

Cleveland: Friday, February 22

CLEVELAND DAY--HISTORY --Cleveland was established as a Village in 1854. In 1904 the City of Cleveland was incorporated and in 2004 it Celebrated it's 100...

Buffalo Lake/Hector/Stewart: Wednesday, February 20

BUFFALO LAKE/HECTOR/STEWART--History -- The City of Buffalo Lake was founded in the year 1876 by John Riebe, who worked for the railroad. -- The City of...

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