Gaylord Day on KNUJ


Springfield Town Day

KNUJ broadcasted from the Springfield Market today for Springfield Town Day!

Courtland Day on KNUJ


Sleepy Eye Day

The first stop on our Town Days 2019 Tour is Railway Bar & Grill in Sleepy Eye today, on Sleepy Eye Day

Brownton/New Auburn: Thursday, February 21 BROWNTON & NEW AUBURN--History -- The City of Brownton was founded in the year 1857 by Alonzo Brown. -- The City of Brownton was originally called...

Wabasso: Tuesday, February 26 WABASSO--History -- The City of Wabasso was founded in the year 1900. -- Wabasso is located in Redwood County on Highways 68 and 6. -- The name...

Morgan/Franklin: Monday, February 25 MORGAN & FRANKLIN--History -- The City of Morgan was founded in the year 1878 by the railroad. -- The City of Franklin was founded in the...

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