Girls Hockey Playoff Schedule

Date Teams Location Time Station 2/8 NU vs Litchfield/DC (previously scheduled for 2/7) New Ulm 7 p.m. KNUJ 2/9 NU if wins 2/8 Thaler Arena 7 p.m. KNUJ

Wednesday Results

SPORT SCHEDULE FOR 2/6/19   MEN’S BASKETBALL   GUSTAVUS__88____AT AUGSBURG____94____7PM   MACALESTER__60_____AT CARELTON___57____7PM   BETHEL___88_____AT ST MARY’S__83_____7PM   ST THOMAS__85_____AT ST OLAF___78____7PM   ST JOHN’S__70_____AT CONCORDIA___69______7:45PM   MN-MORRIS__54_____AT MARTIN LUTHER___73____7:15PM       WOMEN’S BASKETBALL   AUGSBURG___77_____AT GUSTAVUS___68_____7PM   ST BENEDICT___92_____AT CONCORDIA__91_____5:45PM   HAMLINE___57____AT ST CATHERINE__62____7PM   CARELTON__78_____AT MACALESTER__86_____7PM   ST MARY’S___68_____AT...

Tuesday Results

SPORT SCHEDULE FOR 2/5/19   BOY’S BASKETBALL   ST JAMES___65_____AT FAIRMONT__69_____7:30PM   REDWOOD VALLEY_______AT NEW LONDON/SPICER_______7:30PM  PPD   SLEEPY EYE________AT CATHEDRAL_______7:30PM   S.E.S.M.________AT B.L.H.S.________7:30PM  ON SAM   PPD   WABASSO___33_____AT SPRINGFIELD___78____7:30PM   CEDAR MOUNTAIN_______AT G.F.W._______7:30PM  PPD   NICOLLET__75____AT IMMANUEL LUTHERAN___63____7:30PM   LOYOLA________AT MADELIA_______7:30PM ...

Monday Results

SPORT SCHEDULE FOR 2/4/19   BOY’S BASKETBALL   BLUE EARTH            72      NEW ULM       55   ST PETER___60____AT M.V.L.___86____7:30PM   MLGHEC/TRU__34_____AT SLEEPY EYE__55____7:30PM   SPRINGFIELD________AT G.F.W.________7:30PM   ST...

Saturday Results

SPORT SCHEDULE FOR 2/2/19   BOY’S BASKETBALL   ST JAMES__56_____AT JACKSON CTY CENTRAL___48____7:30PM   SLEEPY EYE__34_____AT M.V.L.___83____2:30PM   LESUEUR/HEN__67______AT NICOLLET___70______2:30PM   MLGHEC/TRU__48______AT LOYOLA___27____7:15PM   MAYER LUTHERAN__78______AT CLEVELAND__43____3:15PM       GIRL’S BASKETBALL   LESUEUR/HENDERSON__74_____AT NICOLLET/LOY___48_____2:30PM   MAYER LUTHERAN___70_____AT CLEVELAND__53____1:45PM         WRESTLING   MANKATO EAST TOURNEY: 1 Fairmont-Martin County West...

Wrestling Roundtable Members

From left: Larry Baumgardt, Chuck Albrecht, Kirky Dittrict, and Cathy Koob. The program will also air on KNUJ Am 860-FM 97.3 this Sunday at 6:06...

Friday Results

SPORT SCHEDULE FOR 2/1/19   BOY’S BASKETBALL   ST PETER__65______AT FAIRMONT____54___7:30PM   LUVERNE__65_____AT REDWOOD VALLEY__80____7:30PM   WABASSO__56______AT CATHEDRAL___77____7:30PM   S.E.S.M.___57_____AT M.V.L.___83____7:30PM   SLEEPY EYE_______AT RENVILLE CTY WEST_______7:30PM   CEDAR MOUNTAIN__57______AT SPRINGFIELD___91_____6PM   G.F.W.________AT B.L.H.S._______7:30PM   MADELIA__69______AT NICOLLET___84____7:30PM   L.C.W.M.__65______AT CLEVELAND__61______7:30PM   WESTBROOK/WG___59______AT MURRAY CTY CENTRAL__73_____7:30PM   HILLS/BEAVER CREEK______AT...

Thursday PPD/Results

SPORT SCHEDULE FOR 1/31/19   BOY’S BASKETBALL   ST JAMES___58_____AT NEW ULM___61_____7:30PM  OT   REDWOOD VALLEY__97____AT WINDOM___72____7:30PM   CEDAR MOUNTAIN___65______AT CATHEDRAL___57____7:30PM   SLEEPY EYE_______AT M.V.L._______7:30PM  PPD 2/2   B.L.H.S.________AT RENVILLE CTY WEST________7:30PM   NICOLLET_____VS MT LAKE/COMFREY______7:30PM  IN COMFREY ...

Thursday College Results

SPORT SCHEDULE FOR 1/31/19   MEN’S BASKETBALL   HAMLINE___72_____AT GUSTAVUS___80___7PM   AUGSBURG____76_____AT CARELTON__69____7PM   ST JOHN’S__81_____AT BETHEL___85___7PM   MACALESTER___61____AT ST THOMAS___94____7PM   ST MARY’S__85_____AT ST OLAF__90_____7PM   MARTIN LUTHER___84_____AT NORTH CENTRAL___81____7:15PM    OT       WOMEN’S BASKETBALL   GUSTAVUS___56_____AT HAMLINE___38_____7PM   ST OLAF__78______AT ST MARY’S__71_____7PM   BETHEL___78____AT...

New Ulm Wrestling Quadrangular – January 22, 2019

all photos by Don Borstad

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