New Ulm Public Schools


The District 88 School has counted 14 COVID-19 positive students and five staff since the start of the school. This represents less than 1% of the student body and 1.3% of the staff. The District 88 School board received an update on COVID-19 data in the school during Thursday’s board meeting. For the last two months, the school has been open for full-time in-person learning. Of the 14 positive testing students, only three are still out in isolation. Though the number of positive students is low, over a hundred students have been quarantined for COVID reasons. Currently, the district has 134 students out of school in quarantine. This is 5.8% of the student body. These students do not necessarily have the virus, but were in contact with a person who did have it and are being isolated. On Thursday, 134 students were in quarantine including one elementary classroom of 22, a soccer team of 23, two bus routes with 16 students and 12 on the varsity volleyball team.


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