The New Ulm Economic Development Authority (EDA) held off on providing assistance for purchasing land for a new neighborhood park in the Dacotah West Addition. The Dacotah West Addition, located across the Cottonwood River on the south end of New Ulm, does not have a neighborhood park. Residents in the area have to drive or take a long walk or bicycle bicycle ride to the nearest neighborhood parks such as South Park and Lincoln Park. The Dacotah West subdivision’s residents, and other residents in the area, have expressed a desire for a neighborhood park within walking distance. The city owns no land in the area for such a purpose. Two landowners in the area are willing to sell their two parcels to the City. The two parcels consist of the Guldens property, asking price of $199,000 and the Retzlaff property, asking price of $40,000. The Parkland Dedication Account has $201,375 and can only be spent on land acquisition and or development of neighborhood parks. The EDA was asked to assist in purchasing the property as the Parkland Account does not have enough funds to cover the cost. The EDA decided to table the decision based on the response from the Park and Recreation Commission.


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