With the spike in COVID cases in Redwood County, the Redwood Area School District announced on Friday it would soon be going to hybrid learning for all students — with the exception of students in grades 5 and 6. The current plan is that starting Monday, Oct. 12, students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade will go to the hybrid model, which is still all students attending each day. The district says the changes are all internal, so parents will not notice a change. Grades 7 through 12 are already in the hybrid model, and will continue as they have been since the school year started. The main difference will be for grades 5 and 6. Those students will remain in person, with social distancing as much as possible. The classrooms are set up so that students may remain between four to five feet apart.  The classrooms are not quite large enough with our class sizes to get to six feet. If the community’s number continues to increase, the next move would be for secondary to go to distance learning, which will have an impact on education, and would mean all extracurricular activities would stop. Again, these changes will be implemented on Monday, Oct. 12, unless the community’s numbers drop significantly.


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