The New Ulm Ulm City Council will establish the preliminary budget for 2021, Tuesday. The city will consider $21.8 million in appropriations and a maximum property tax levy of $8.3 million. This is a 4% increase from 2020. The preliminary budget sets the maximum tax levy for next year. The levy can be lowered before the end of the year, but cannot be increased. The New Ulm Police is requesting the city to allow the purchase of riot gear and tasers in anticipation of nationwide social unrest. The state anticipates local law enforcement to deal with social unrest, likely connected to upcoming November elections and court hearings of officers criminally charged with violent crimes. Other local agencies, including the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, have needed to order similar equipment to enable law enforcement to safely provide public safety. The request calls for first responder kits with gas masks for 23 officers, civil disturbance riot scene kits for 23 officers and 12 tasers with accessories. The cost is estimated at $47,291.60.


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