This will be City Council President Charlie Schmitz’s last year on the New Ulm City Council after 12 years. During Tuesday’s primary, Schmitz was unable to get the necessary votes to advance to the November general election. The next council president will be either Larry Mack or Andrea Boettger. Going forward Schmitz said New Ulm had a couple of choices to make. He commented that Mack and Boettger were both popular candidates with the difference in the vote being relatively small. Mack received 1,150 votes to Boettger’s 1,045. Both ran for the Fourth Ward council seat in 2018 and the election was close, with Mack winning re-election by 10 votes. He explained that because Mack is the current Fourth Ward city councilor, if he is elected president, the council will need to appoint a person to finish out the final two years in the ward. Schmitz suggested Boettger as an option to finish the term. She is a Fourth Ward resident and has shown an interest in serving. However, he said if the public wanted a direct say in Boettger serving, rather than hope she was appointed, they could vote her in as council president and Mack would remain on as Fourth Ward city councilor.


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