While a number of city offices and school board seats did not have candidates filing for office as of Monday afternoon, a race developed for a Gibbon Fairfax Winthrop (GFW) school board seat recently. Three candidates filed for Winthrop seats on the GFW school board — Nathan Loewy, Drew Schmidt, and Pete Schukert. Carl Rains Jr. and Casey Prochniak of Gibbon filed for two open GFW seats and Daniel Merkel of Fairfax filed for the Nov. 3 election. No less than six candidates filed for three seats on the Redwood Area School Board — David Allex, JoDee Altmann, Mark Dressen, Andrew Lueck, Darin M. Prescott, and Matthew Tiffany. Three people have filed for the Redwood Falls City Council Ward 1 seat — Jena Beller-Schmidt, Denise Castle, and Denise Kerkhoff. Matthew C. Schmidt filed for Ward 2 and John Buckley filed for an at large city council seat.


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