A public hearing was held Tuesday on the possible vacation of a part of 17th South. Anthony Gulden, President of New Ulm Storage, Inc. petitioned the city to vacate a portion of the street abutting New Ulm Storage property. The area proposed for vacation is located east of South German and the bike trail, west of the DM & E Railroad and north of New Ulm Steel and Recycling. The area proposed is 5,200 square feet. The length of the street segment is 130 feet. The south adjoining portion of 17th S. was vacated by the council on Oct. 4, 2011. The street area is unimproved and there are no utilities in the street. New Ulm Storage will use the vacated street to improve access to the existing buildings to expand the business. No comments were received during the hearing and the council voted to approve the vacation.


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