Madelia Community Hospital and Clinic is reintroducing medical services into Lake Crystal after the community has gone without them for years. Madelia Community Hospital and Clinic (MCHC) is bringing a variety of medical-related services to Lake Crystal like a new pharmacy on Main Street – a commodity the community hasn’t had since 2007. With many rural communities across the United States losing close access to some of even the most basic medical services because of closures, Madelia Hospital’s presence in Lake Crystal reintroduces some of those services. With Madelia Hospital also assuming ownership of Lake Crystal Clinic in August under a partnership with Mankato Clinic a whole web of services opens up to patients like lab, radiology and surgery services. Medical providers from Madelia are also splitting their time between Lake Crystal and Madelia saving some people from driving long distances. Madelia Community Hospital and Clinic also plans to break ground on a new ambulance service in August.


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