The Park and Recreation Commission received an update on Reinvest in New Ulm (RENU) projects. Director Tom Schmitz said the Johnson Park improvements were 95% complete and everything should be finished by the end of the month. The Hermann Heights retaining wall, parking lot and Monument Street relocation have begun. The park is closed through the duration of the project. It is expected to be complete in the fall. The Recreation Center improvements are out for public bid. The opening of the bids is scheduled for Thursday, June 4. Schmitz said items are being moved from the southern part of the Recreation Center as construction is expected on the aquatic center in July. The pool will not reopen until the completion of the new aquatic center in August 2021. Schmitz said construction continues at the German Park Amphitheater. The shade structure has not been funded or approved by the council. An additional $250,000 is needed for this add-on.


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