Permits to purchase and carry guns in Brown County and local gun and ammunition sales at local and regional outlets have increased notably this year, especially in March. You can’t keep guns and ammunition in stock, It’s like 9-11 (Sept. 11, 2001). It was the same thing with guns and ammunition after that said R&R Bait& Tackle store owner Francis Rieger of New Ulm.Runnings Director of Marketing Dennis Jensen of Marshall said guns and ammunition sales are up in most of the company’s stores. Brown County Sheriff Jason Seidl said permits to purchase guns and carry handguns have risen each month this year. Seidl said there were 15 permits to carry issued in January 2020, 22 in February and 46 in March in Brown County. Last year, 247 permits to carry were issued in Brown County, slightly more than 20 per month. There were 86 permits issued to purchase guns in 2019. This year, there were 11 permits to carry issued in January, 13 in February and 20 in March.


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