The rising Cottonwood River has causeed authorities to close Cottonwood Street in New Ulm.  The river passed its forecast crest Wednesday evening reaching 17.4 feet.  The National Weather Service predicted Wednesday that the Cottonwood  River would remain at major flood stage for about a week.  A flood warning statement by the weather service says that the Cottonwood and Redwood Rivers are continuing to respond quickly to snowmelt and runoff due to warmer temperatures.  There are signs of ice jamming on the Cottonwood near New Ulm and this should become more common as warmer temperatures continue to affect the snowpack.  The weatheer service says the Little Cottonwood near courtland rose more than two feet this week and the Cottonwood at Leavenworth was measured four feet higher than it was measured late last week.  The weather service continues to advise people not to drive through flooded areas.


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