Over 9700 drivers have been cited for violating Minnesota’s hands-free law during its first five months.  State Patrol officials say people that have been stopped for violating the law say they know about the law but are having ahard time breaking the habit.  However, officials are seeing an uptick in drivers using hands-free options.  Authorities have broken down the age groups most-likely to offend the law in data collected from the day the law went into effect, which was August 1st, until December 31.  The most likely age group to offencd is 30 to 49 years old.  Over 4500 of the 9727 drivers cited were in that age range. Second most likely to offend were 16 to 29 year olds with over 3500.  1655 drivers between 50 to 75 years old.  An advertising campaign reminding drivers to “Park the Phone” runs through February 16.


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