The District 84 Board of Education in Sleepy Eye met Wednesday and discussed possible future alignments for football.  Coach and athletic director Cory Haala told the board that they are locked in to play 11-man football for next fall.  He mentioned the possibility of pairing with Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s to likely remain where they are at.  New district and alignment will take place in the spring of 2021 for the fall 2021 season and Halla said they will need to determine as a district in particular for 9-man, co-op or opt up early in 2021 based on enrollment in October.  That number will be used for 2021 and 2022 district and section placement.  Haala said there is also interest to form a football co-op with Cedar Mountain High School.  The board also unanimously approved the retention of school board officers Darla Remus, Case Coulson, Sheila Wurtzberger and Joleen Dittbenner.


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