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Biden and Trump, follow your heart and mind
Dr. Glenn Mollette
Typically, the heart leads us and keeps us in various places throughout life.

Most of the time people marry because at that moment that’s where their hearts have led them to be. For better or worse many people stay in marriages most of their lives because they have given their heart to their spouse.
We sometimes pursue careers because we have a heart for the vocation. There is something about the vocation that inspires and motivates us. Because our heart is in the work, we stay with the occupation. Success is more likely to occur where the heart is centered.
We become very competent with our hobbies because we love them so much. We enjoy musical instruments, baking, sewing, wood work, painting, fishing, sports and whatever your hobby might be. People are often ready to retire from their jobs because they have hobbies, they love more.
The major emphasis of the greatest commandment is to love God with our hearts. Jesus knew no one would have any commitment to God without the full commitment of the heart.
The heart will take you places and keep you places where the mind would never consider. Too often what the mind will not consider the heart will not give up or waver from.
We often forget about the mind. Jesus told us to love God with our minds. Reason, commonsense, inquiry, thinking and education are all important. Sometimes the heart may cause us to be blind. We may love blindly. Stay with negative relationships that are destructive. Hang on to a job or career pursuit that ends up being negative, a dead end and a waste of time. We have to involve our minds in our lives. Life cannot be lived merely by the heart. Heart will keep you someplace a long time. However, your mind will help you to decipher whether it’s the right thing to do.
Americans are at the polls voting. Love for the country, ideas, political parties and candidates have Americans voting in masses. While you may love the Democratic party or the Republican party or either candidate hopefully you are considering all the reasons why you are voting.
What do you want for America? Good paying jobs? More Government involvement in your life?  The removal of guns from society? The freedom to have guns? Less police security? More police security? More taxes? Less taxes? More jobs coming back to America? More jobs going back to China? Health care that pays for nothing? A better health care for every American? What about our freedom? Freedom of speech? We love our freedom in America. Freedom to try. Freedom to fail. Freedom to try again. Freedom to succeed. Freedom to pursue owning a house, car and living an independent life. Maybe, you feel that every American should have the same, be the same and that the Government should take care of all us equally?
This election, think about it. Think about what you want for you and your grandchildren. Let your heart drive you to vote but put your mind into your voting.

Halloween is coming and Americans are scared.
Dr. Glenn Mollette
Halloween is typically a relaxed day for America’s kids to fill their coffers with candy. Children and adults often don their favorite wacky attire for a day of comic relief.
America needs a day of some kind of relief and maybe Halloween will provide some insanity or terror relief. Because nothing about Halloween is as scary as what America and the world has been experiencing.
We have buried over 220,000 Americans from Covid-19. Over eight million have been sick. Nursing homes and Intensive Care Units have become horror wards. The projections for more sickness and death scare most Americans. We are afraid to go to church, out to eat, and to the grocery store. The airplane, hotel and restaurant industries are in peril as many have already closed or are on the verge of closing. Over 12 Million Americans are now unemployed and many in financial devastation because of Covid-19.
 Congress continues to haggle over what and how much the government can further indebt our nation to keep us afloat for the present. With an approximate 28 trillion-dollar deficit and growing when will America file for bankruptcy? What will it take to keep Social Security and Medicare going? More taxes for a broader range of Americans and increased payroll taxes are on the near horizon, most Americans fear. It’s more than a little scary.
On top of Covid-19, job loss, business failures and increasing poverty Americans are masked fatigued. Children are tired of being home from school. Adults miss the comaraderie and social dynamics of their workmates. Working at home first felt good and welcomed but has become old for many Americans. The thought of this going on for another six months or even a year or longer is more than scary – it’s terrifying.
On top of all this we have a major election in front of us. Americans are terrified about the election. We are frightened about who will be elected. Trump being reelected terrifies millions while millions are terrified Joe Biden will be elected. We are horrified of what may come as the result of this election and what either of the candidates may bring to America the next four years.
We are further scared by each other. The hostility of Americans toward people with different views is out of hand. Hurting people, cursing people, destroying property are not hallmark qualities of a civilized society. We have sadly stopped being civil in America. Rude and crude are no longer shy in this nation. Pushing, shoving and outright fighting with people is becoming too normal. This is not what the average American wants and is disdained by most of us. Let’s face it, people who act this way scare most Americans.
It’s Halloween time in America and there is plenty of fright to go around. The best treat we can give our country is treating each other the way we would like to be treated.

Enjoy your usual life, but vote
Dr. Glenn Mollette
Occasionally we all feel like we are living in a rut. Our days and weeks are filled with the same activities and schedules. We mow grass, rake leaves, clean the house, sweep out the garage and do the same jobs. We go to the same grocery store on a certain day, wash our car at the same place and see the same people along the way. We go to the same place of worship, and read the same daily or weekly newspaper. Our lives are made up of routines, schedules and the usual.
Occasionally we get bored with the usual and do something different. We enjoy the change briefly. There is always a rush of adrenaline with something different. For example, you may change grocery stores for the week or even drive out of town to try out a restaurant. You may even take a trip to a distant part of the state to see something different. While the unusual is stimulating it often makes us tired and we pine to return to the usual.
The usual is the known and the expected. We’ve done it so many times and usually have the same results. The same results are good if they make us happy. You know what to expect at the little coffee place you frequent and that’s why you keep returning. The grocery store has what you need and you know where to find everything. Unless they change everything around in the store and this drives us crazy until we learn our way around again.
We visit with the same people and often have the same types of conversations because those conversations are within our comfort zone. The usual things we do are all about our comfort levels. With Covid-19 you may not feel comfortable doing a lot because of the unknown. People’s comfort levels have changed over the last year. Worship attendance has dramatically changed. Work places have changed. Community gatherings have changed or don’t exist.
Whatever your usual is, try to continue to enjoy the familiar and the routine. Keith Urban sings a song about “All that wasted time.” One line in the song says, “The best years of my life was all that wasted time.” We seldom see the usual we do as wasting time. Usually it’s moving forward with the routines of life. It’s going to school. Doing our homework. Going to work. Earning a paycheck. Saving some money. Paying our bills. Maintaining our houses and cars. Going to the doctor and caring for ourselves. When you really think about it, we’re very fortunate if we have daily and weekly routines. The best of life is often what we do every day.
We don’t vote often. Once or twice a year we may go to the polls. Break with your routine and do something great for your local, state and national government. Go vote. When the election results come in then you’ll know you did your part when you return back to doing your usual.

If Trump is not reelected, America will be hurting
Dr. Glenn Mollette
Most every American has an opinion about the upcoming election.
However, there are several realities we must face.
If President Trump is not reelected the southern border wall will not be completed.
I would suspect Biden and the Democrats will tear it down. The wall symbolizes Trump’s Presidency. In an age of mass human trafficking, drug smuggling and terrorism the wall is a layer of security. It won’t stop an army but it will prevent entry into our country from being so easy.
Jobs will go back to Mexico, China, Vietnam and other places. Four years ago, you couldn’t find a job that paid $15 an hour. Until Covid-19 hit, there were more jobs in America that were paying over $15 an hour than ever before. Hammering on the heads of corporations and big businesses for more taxes and higher priced health insurance will not keep jobs in America. The answer to America’s problems is not gouging the people who make more money than we do. More jobs with more people making good pay is what America continues to need. It’s a lot more fun to get a good paycheck than food stamps. Americans need the pride of being able to go to the grocery store, buy new cars and provide for an adequate retirement. The eight years before Trump saw a desperate country trying to decide between working for $8 an hour or applying for Social Security disability. Who wants to go back to that?
Medical care will skyrocket. More taxes will be needed for Socialized medicine. We want all Americans to have good healthcare. Medicare should be a good option. However, we need more competition between medical insurance groups and freedom to buy throughout the country. Trump has been working feverishly to bring the costs of medicine down and to make hospitals reveal upfront what their costs will be for procedures.
The military, police, and Veterans will suffer. Can we really afford to defund the police? There are counties in America today that only have access to two or three police officers. The citizens of these counties are already on their own as far as protecting themselves. Can these areas afford less protection? Can Louisville, Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago do better with fewer police officers? They cannot. Biden is being supported by people who want to defund the police. Is this what America wants? In an age of world terrorism can we afford to not have the best supported military in the world? We all pray for no more wars but we have to keep our military strong and provide them with the best resources. Veterans are finally receiving help. Veterans were dying before Trump because of such poor medical care. Today a Veteran can actually see a doctor and be treated without having to wait six months for an appointment. Trump has worked hard for the military, the police and the Veterans. Does the average American want less?
The list goes on. Trump has worked to rebuild our infrastructure. He will keep our Social Security solvent. The stock market has seen its greatest years in history. Today, more Americans feel like they have a chance at having some retirement money.
Trump will continue to encourage laboratories for a Covid-19 vaccine. In years past we might have had to wait “years” for the average American to have access to treatment. Labs are working hard throughout America, England, Jerusalem and more to come up with the best vaccine possible. We will not get this country back on its feet until a vaccine is available and working. Trump is pushing for this.
What about freedom of religion in this country? At least now we can have a day of prayer in America. Does the average American want more abortions than we have now? Does America want to kill more babies? Keep in mind that a government who supports the murder of the unborn for birth control purposes will also support making your senior adult death really easy when you are in an Intensive Care Unit or a nursing home. They can’t afford your Social Security and Medicare now. Will Joe Biden make this better?
No person is perfect. We all see the good and bad in people. Voting is your opportunity to be a part of this process. We have to get through this year without destroying relationships. We all have our various opinions and I hope my liberal colleagues and relatives will still speak to me during the holidays.   However, if President Trump is not reelected America will be hurting.

Presidential Debate or Wrestling Match? We must have better than this. 
Dr. Glenn Mollette
September 29, 2020, was just another bad day in 2020. We thought that with Covid-19, unemployment, and riots in the streets of America’s cities it could not get worse. It did.
Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Chris Wallace gave us a “show?” we will never forget.
Our leaders used to make us proud. We grew up wanting to emulate people in high places who inspired us with their remarkable lives. We watched how they conducted themselves, communicated and chose their words wisely with dignity, diplomacy and grace.  This doesn’t happen anymore in America. Tuesday’s debate was just another plummeting example of how badly and poorly people can act in America. Biden and Trump are supposed to be our two best men running for the highest office in America. Chis Wallace works for one of the biggest networks in the world.  Instead we saw a production of America’s scariest video, Heehaw gone crazy or bigtime wrestling Covid-19 style.
We’ve been on this track now for too long. The debates have gotten worse and worse. They have been more and more out of control. They have turned into 90 minutes of rudeness, name calling, hollering and mud throwing. Our children are watching and learning.
Where did we lose civility in our nation? Did we ever have it? Is this just the way America has always been at heart and now we feel free to be who we really are? Rude, crude and ignorant? The Beverly Hillbillies had far more class than we saw Tuesday night. They may have been uncouth and backward but they didn’t treat people badly.
We’ve become scary in how we talk to and treat others in this country, starting with our national leadership and media. We have a nation of people who are quick to give you the middle finger on the highway, honk their horns at you on the road until you get out of their way and knock you down on the sidewalk rather than scoot over and give you some space to walk by.
Today, in America, we are name callers. We feel entitled to everything everyone else has without working for it. We expect to be treated with respect and dignity while we act like buffoons. Words and phrases such as “please, thank you, excuse me, may I, yes ma’am and yes sir,” have been tossed out of too many windows. Therefore, we are now reaping what we sowed.  People feel like they have the right to treat others badly because of color or background, while others feel entitled to destroy and burn down our cities from Baltimore to Portland. We have a nation of people who believe they can do anything they want regardless of how others might be affected. This is one reason we can’t defund the police. However, some of the procedures of the police must be revamped.
Be warned another debate is coming soon. Candidates should be allowed one- and two-minute response times to questions and to respond to statements. At these one and two-minute intervals the microphone should automatically be silenced so the next candidate can fairly respond with the same time limits. There has to be a fair civil way to conduct and present a Presidential debate. We need to see and hear one. We are desperate to get this nation back together, one people, under God, united, with liberty and justice for all. We have to see some of this in this next debate and it has to come from the moderator, President Trump and former Vice President Biden.

Fix Our Medical Insurance Dilemma

Dr. Glenn Mollette

Give all Americans the option to buy into Medicare. I’ve paid into Social Security and Medicare my entire life. I’m still paying to be on plan B and supplemental coverage. I also pay for prescription insurance. I often feel like a coffee coupon from McDonald’s would pay for about as much medicine as my prescription card pays.

I no longer pay over $1600 a month in medical insurance but I still pay about $450 a month even with Medicare. Nothing is free.

Americans should have the option to buy into Medicare especially if medical insurance will not cover them and they can’t afford the sky rocketing premiums. It’s also time to get rid of medical supplements and prescription cards. Make Medicare a single payer of the doctor’s visits, prescription costs and all the above.

The government has more power to control the cost of big pharmacies and hospital costs. Most medical providers have “one price” but then the “price” they will accept from Medicare. Under President Trump Hospitals will have to display their secret negotiated rates to patients starting in January, 2021.  This gives you the option to shop around.

I’m all for having medical insurance available. Make it available from state to state. Make it easy for Americans to buy from pharmacies in Canada. Let senior Americans at age 55 buy 20-year term medical insurance plans if they would prefer to do so. Some Americans have no idea how desperate other Americans are when it comes to medical treatment.

Why make it so hard for Americans who do not have access to healthcare? Let them buy into Medicare. If they are unemployed or disabled then give them the Medicaid option. However, this is just more bureaucracy. This system needs to become one.

It’s also time to make 60 the age that retired Americans go on Medicare. In your late fifties and early sixties Americans have to start going to the doctor more. A friend of mine is waiting until she turns 65 and has Medicare so she can have a badly needed surgery. She needs it now. If she could buy into Medicare she could go ahead and move forward with her needed surgery.

We also need to turn the age back to 65 for collecting full Social Security benefits. American men die by the time they are 76.1 years old. Many die much younger. This is very little time to enjoy retirement. Sadly, many Americans aren’t having much of a retirement in their golden years. Many are working longer and spending less time doing what they had hoped to do.

The government wastes our Social Security contributions. They’ve spent trillions on foreign wars. They now tell us Social Security has be reduced by 25% in a few years. Rich political leaders want to push the age until 70 for you to collect your Social Security. This is not working for the American people. We are working longer with the prospects of collecting less. On top of this, older Americans are having to pay more of their dwindling retirement dollars for medical bills.

Bringing our troops home and spending less money in Iraq, Afghanistan and on rebuilding foreign nations is a start.  We can and we must fix our medical insurance dilemma.

The Bengals and The Browns stood together
  Could this work for America?
By Dr. Glenn Mollette
I haven’t watched much professional sports over the last few months. Last Thursday I did tune into the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns football game.  My attention grew when I saw both teams on the field, arm in arm standing together for the national anthem. I didn’t see three or four kneeling or one team in the locker room and another team on the field. I didn’t see anyone standing on their heads or someone else doing flip flops or something else. Both teams were standing, arm in arm in attention for the national anthem. I watched the entire game. The Bengals and Browns played one of the best games I’ve watched in some time. The game was fun to watch.
What they did was so simple yet so profound. They stood arm in arm for the national anthem. On the state flag of Missouri, we find these words, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” This is also the state motto for Kentucky. Of course, words are only words if they are not backed by action.
The only way to deal with and overcome racial injustice in America is for all of us to stand together. We must all stand against inequality. There is no room for bad police in America. We must all stand against all police acts that are unfair and eliminate all police who are not mentally stable to wear a badge. We must fund and support those who do wear the badge and put their lives at risk to protect us. We need a strong and good police force in every American community.
If we will stand together in America, we can protect our nation from being over taken by evil forces. We can strengthen our infrastructure. We can keep our military strong. We can keep Social Security and Medicare solvent for our aging population. We can make healthcare accessible for every American regardless of income or preexisting conditions. If we stand together, we will find a vaccine for Covid-19. We can bring our strong economy back and America will continue to be a great country.
What could happen in America if Congress would all stand together in unison for something? Regardless of the issue or the vote the other political party is demonized for their stance on almost every issue. What could happen if Congress would stand with our President and try to help him tackle our difficult national problems? Regardless of what he wants to do the Democrats fight him and undermine him. Regardless of what the Democrat’s want to do the Republicans fight them. This isn’t working for our country.
What could happen if far left winged media in this country would stand with our President and try to help him? Instead, they fight him on his every move and every word.
A nation is no greater than her people. America is filled with great people but we aren’t a great country when we are fighting each other. The sure way to lose our country is to devour each other. If we devour each other, China, Russia, or whoever will take whatever is left. Then, they will be telling us when to stand, sit or kneel.  We can keep our freedom if we stand together now.

Why Do Hamburgers Taste Good?
By Dr. Glenn Mollette
Because they are bad for you. If they were healthy and good for you, they wouldn’t taste near as good.
Typically, I eat healthy. My doctor prefers I stay away from red meat, fried foods, dairy and sugar. He forbids stuff like ice cream, pie and cake. I actually enjoy salmon, salads, most all vegetables and chicken. I don’t have too much trouble avoiding the bad stuff.
Recently I was in one of the little towns we visit and I didn’t feel great. It was one of those feel bad days. Not far away was a little joint people commonly refer to as the pool hall. On this day I knew they had exactly what I needed – one of their world-famous hamburgers. Of course, like Adam and Eve when I go astray everyone else follows along as well. All of our family decided to have deluxe hamburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, fries, while I ordered a double hamburger, one piece of cheese, ketchup, lettuce and tomato.
On the way I picked up a sack of ice-cold sugary colas. I figured we might as well do this right. I brought the food back home and we all slid right into hog heaven chowing down on those juicy hamburgers. As you know there are hamburgers and there are great hamburgers when made with lean quality meat and prepared right, etc.
Actually, a hamburger is not the end of the world for consumption. You can add healthy stuff like lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and before you know it you almost have a health burger – not exactly. Too much red meat will start boosting your cholesterol levels that will show up when you have your blood work done. A few years back I got on a hamburger kick and after having my blood work I learned my cholesterol was 220. My doctor wanted to know what I had been doing and asked me to go into extreme moderation mode. His words were, “You don’t need a heart attack.”
  Burgers are good sources of protein, iron and vitamin B12, but they come with a lot of problems, according to nutrition experts-particularly the fatty meat, sugary ketchup and refined grain buns. A diet of burgers will lead to obesity. My double burger had about 900 calories. The saturated fat is detrimental to your heart. My double burger had about 22 grams of saturated fat or 108 percent of my daily value. Add to this also 172 milligrams of cholesterol or 57% of the daily value based on a 2000 calorie a day diet. A one patty burger can have 258 milligrams of sodium. If you are battling high blood pressure you don’t want a lifestyle of eating hamburgers.
Why do hamburgers taste so good? Because they are bad for you. But hey old friend, surely, we can eat one occasionally. Enjoy one, but then wait awhile before your next one.

Turn The Page 
Dr. Glenn Mollette
Fall season officially begins September 22 this year. For every season there is a change. Most of us like the seasons especially if we can have four of them.
I like the fall as the weather seems more stable in our part of the country. For our neighbors in California they are desperate for anything that will bring rain and an end to the devastating fires. This has been a cruel, harsh time that we pray passes by and ends very quickly for California.
On the east and gulf coast there is always another looming hurricane this time of year. Flooding and devastation have already occurred in Louisiana with the potential of more to come.
Every season brings the possibilities of pleasant weather but also severe weather. Very much like our lives every season brings change because we have no choice but to deal with the change. When snow comes, we adapt and enjoy the change.
Our lives are like seasons – change comes. If we are fortunate, aging occurs. Children grow up. Our vocational lives and dreams change, mature, flourish or become a distant memory. Our lives are like an interesting book. Your life is probably very interesting if you were able to write out the whole story. Maybe you should write about your life? Write it out for someone later to read about. If you decide to do so write about the hard times as well as what you want everyone else to know.
Whenever you read or write a book it requires turning the page or writing a new page. You can’t finish the book if you stay on the same page. When our parents die, we have to turn the page. When we bury a spouse or loved one, we have to turn the page. When we change jobs or careers that require transition it’s tough but we have to turn the page. When children grow up and move away or no longer have time to be with us then we must turn the page.
A good friend is selling his lovely home. I can see that’s it a tough time emotionally as he has invested so many years into where he lives.  He and his wife are moving into a smaller condominium. He loves his beautiful yard but he knows it’s time to turn the page as their age and health have changed.
The one difference between reading a book and life is that you may not finish reading the book but we all finish life. You either turn the pages of life or in time they are turned for you. The worst decisions we make are no decisions. We procrastinate. We delay paying into retirement. We delay a health test. We put off what we dread and it doesn’t make it better.
Live a good life. Make decisions. Turn the page and keep going. Don’t get stuck on the same page in the same chapter. Run your race. Finish your course. Turn the page.

Simple Principles for a Great Day 
By Dr. Glenn Mollette 
Work hard. You feel better and have more money working than if you are doing nothing. Your job is not forever. Visualize the work you want to do and then move your life toward that kind of work. This may require training. Working a low-level paying job in the profession or industry of interest to gain knowledge will help. Be flexible realizing the work you are doing now is preparing you for other opportunities. Working jobs, you don’t enjoy will still provide valuable lessons for wherever you want to be later in life. You will also have some money while figuring it out.
Save Money. This is never easy or pain free. Saving money means sacrificing today in order to have some money later in life. Life passes by quickly. Millions of Americans cannot come up with $5,000 for an emergency. An old rule for saving money is give ten percent away to your church or favorite charity, save ten to twenty percent and live on the rest. Those percentages and numbers can be tweaked to fit your life but the idea of having discipline will help you establish a plan of action. Don’t spend more than you make. If your outgo is more than your income then your upkeep will be your downfall.
Keep learning. Training is more available than ever before. Online education is accessible if you have Internet. If you don’t try to find your way to the public library. They have computers. Community colleges and trade schools are within financial reach of most Americans. Utilize your time efficiently. Do you really have time to piddle two or three years just taking classes? Make your class time financially reasonable and useful. Online education opportunities have exploded. Taking a class that adds to your skills and life is better than aimless hours of television or social media.
Be healthy today. Health, like a retirement account is not something you can put off to another day. Have annual blood work done. Keep moving. Live an active lifestyle. Sitting in a house all day is not good for anyone. Find safe places to walk and move. Eat your vegetables and fruit every day and cut way back on your fried foods and red meat.
Don’t give up. As long as you have life you have hope. You may have gone through job loss, divorce, life devastation, disease and more. Here is a word for you today. I believe in the power of a good word applied to a person’s life. “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future,” Jeremiah 29:11. Will this work for you? Prosperity, hope and a future? Take hold of these words and have a great day.

Chadwick Boseman and Colon Cancer
By Dr. Glenn Mollette
Actor Chadwick Boseman recently died after a four-year battle with colon cancer. He was 43.
Boseman had starred in the blockbuster Marvel superhero franchise movie Black Panther rising to stardom. He played Jackie Robinson in the movie 42. He also played James Brown in Get on Up and Thurgood Marshall in Marshall.
Boseman had received international accolades for his movie roles. He was young, handsome, and very talented. He had a loving family who was by his Los Angeles bedside when he died. Colon cancer robbed him of another 20 or even 30 years of movie stardom.
Boseman’s early diagnosis of colon cancer at the age of 39 reminds us all of the seriousness of colon cancer. All cancer is serious but colon cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States when women and men’s statistics are combined.
Fifty was previously the recommended age for the first colonoscopy. Newer reports have recommended age 45. I would suggest talking to your doctor by the age of 40 about a colonoscopy. My doctor has been adamant that my sons have colonoscopies by the time they are 40.  There are more and more reports of early death from colon cancer. Television journalist Katie Couric’s husband Jay Monahan died in 1998 at the age of 42
Death comes to us all by something. However, a colonoscopy might extend your life several years.
You may know someone who has been impacted by colon cancer. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 60 but after a couple of very serious colon surgeries he survived to live to be 85 years old. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer and lost most of her colon in her early forties, but also lived to be 85. When I was 50, I had my first colonoscopy and had several polyps removed that were not cancerous. Most likely if I had not had routine colonoscopies along the way I would be dead today.
While you are scheduling your colonoscopy eat plenty of fiber. When I was kid in health class, we were taught about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables. I can’t underscore enough the importance of eating broccoli, lots of other vegetables, strawberries, oranges, apples and other fruit. A big bowl of plain oatmeal every morning and a handful of walnuts is another good choice.
We would never pour a cup of sand in our automobile’s gas tank. Yet, often we consume food choices that do not benefit us much and often hurt us. Good eating choices are vital.
There is no eternal fountain of youth in this world. However, I do hope we can live a lot of more good years and keep in mind that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Biden and Trump – does age matter?
By Dr. Glenn Mollette
John F. Kennedy was 43 years old when he was elected to serve as President of the United States in 1960. His age did not hurt him on election day.
Barack Obama was 47 years old when he became President of the United States in 2008. His age, skin color and limited number of years that he had served in the United States Senate did not hurt him when it came to election day.
Donald Trump was 70 years old when he was elected in November, 2016 as President of the United States. He had never held a public office. He has gone through two divorces and had some ups and downs in his life, which did not prevent him from becoming President of the United States.
We place a lot of emphasis on age. Youth always impresses us. Remember Tiger Woods? He was just 21 years old when he won The Masters in record breaking fashion in 1997.
When we see a great singer like Tony Bennett at the age of 94 still singing and dancing, we can’t help but ask the question, “How old is he?” Because we are amazed at what a 94-year-old can do. His age doesn’t stop him.
By the way Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 87.  Loretta Lynn is 88 and Sophia Loren is 85.
The bottom line is age is just a number. There are talented and very capable people at every age category of life. Some people are too old when they are 45 years old and some people never get old. Some old people have never matured. While they are old in age they have never mentally grown up.
We all have to move beyond age. We have to ask is the person up for the job mentally and physically? Do they have the energy?  Do they have the career and educational background? Do they possess the skills necessary to perform the tasks? Is the person hungry enough to work hard and do a good job or are they merely looking for a title?
Americans want a President who will pull out all the stops to find a vaccine for Covid-19. Laboratories are working now.  This disease has devastated our nation. No President would have been prepared for this pandemic.
Americans still want a slice of the American dream. We want a place to live, a paycheck, good medical care and retirement. We also want to be safe. We don’t want thugs and gangs taking over our towns and neighborhoods. A strong police force and military are essential.
Americans will go to the polls in November and vote for President Donald Trump or former Vice-President Joe Biden.  What will matter is what you believe in, who you believe in and your hopes for America. Trump and Biden both have track records and their age won’t matter on election day.

Some of America’s Problems Can Be Fixed
By Dr. Glenn Mollette
Some of America’s problems can be fixed. Voting in the November election should not be a problem for Americans. Open the polls for at least two days. Every state should open their polls from 6 AM until 8 PM. Some states already have later evening hours like Californians who may vote until 8 PM and New Yorkers who may vote as late as 9 PM.
Some states allow you to show up at the courthouse and vote early. You vote on one of the voting machines like always if you aren’t available to vote on November third. Indiana will allow voters to come in as early as October sixth to cast their ballot. It’s called “Absentee in-person voting.” This would be a good idea for every state. You will never have more than one or two people in front of you when you vote early. Social distancing occurs, you pick the day and you know for sure your vote has been cast.
The stage for a fiasco is set for any kind of mail-in ballots this year. It’s a big issue. Some people want it and others don’t. This is not the year to try it out. People are hollering social distancing and Covid-19. Yet, these same people are walking through Walmart.
One idea for handling the election day voting is to let Chick-fil-a handle the process. I’ve never seen anyone take the orders of fifty cars and have all their food to them in ten minutes like they do at our local Chick-fil-a. Every time I go there, I think, “Wow, this being closed on Sunday is just killing them.” I say that as a joke of course as their business is better and greater than ever.
The United States post office has timed their demands for money at the right time. They’ve declared they can’t guarantee delivery of mail-in ballots on time because of lack of funds. Can they ever really guarantee delivery? I mail stuff out priority mail occasionally and sometimes it shows up ten days down the road. The promised delivery time is sometimes much shorter than actual delivery. I would never depend on my vote making it to the courthouse via mail. Oregon uses mail entirely for voting. Washington state has a lot of mail-in votes.
I’m sympathetic with the needs of the post office. Eliminate Saturday mail delivery and close the post offices on Saturday. This should save some money. Go ahead and raise all the postage costs five percent. Many Americans pay their bills online. Christmas cards are going out online for many. Plus, someone needs to make sure Amazon is paying a fair price for delivery of their goods. Free delivery of Amazon products is not really free. Someone is paying the cost. For seniors over 70 on minimal incomes, give them some free stamps very month to mail their bills. They’re already hurting enough.
Some of America’s problems can be fixed. Our greatest problem is fixing Congress. They are the greatest obstacle in solving most of our problems.

Every American Has Troubles
By Dr. Glenn Mollette
Everybody has troubles. If you don’t believe it then ask any American living in the year 2020.

Most of us are accustomed to having troubles occasionally. Some have more than others. Some people think that “some people” never have a problem. All people on some level have troubles.

An old preacher friend of mine from Florida use to say “Glenn, on every level, there is a new devil.” This is true. The poor have troubles. The rich have troubles. The famous have troubles. People in obscurity have troubles. Today, 2020 in almost every inch of the United States and with every person of the United States we have universal troubles. You’ve heard the plea for universal health care? Welcome to universal troubles in America.

Every American in some way is impacted by Covid-19. You have had or have the disease. You know someone. You have heard of someone. Because of Covid-19 you may be unemployed. Your education is impacted. Your sports participation is wrecked at least for the Fall and probably winter. Students wonder every day if they will see the inside of a classroom in September or even longer.
Every college town in American is on the brink of financial disaster. Can you imagine what it’s going to do to South Bend if Notre Dame doesn’t come back to campus? What about Gainesville, Florida, Lexington, Kentucky, Columbia, Missouri and just name any town that survives on 20,000 college students and families spending money in their town every day. You can add more to the expanded economic misery of this nation.
So far America’s Social Security and Government retirees financially have been okay due to the security of their checks. This pandemic does not have limitations or boundaries. Our nation continues to print off money that we do not have to keep afloat families, small businesses and state governments. I’m afraid the printer in the federal reserve is going to blow up about when it’s time to print off my cash for my social security check later next year.
From tourism, restaurants, small businesses or just having to wear a mask or social distance we’ve all to some extent experienced troubles in 2020. We can overcome many troubles in life. Some troubles are life changing. Dying or burying a loved one is forever.
I’ve had ups and downs and most of us have. They aren’t fun. The pandemic for many of us has been a lifestyle change. A new normal. An inconvenience. We are having to do some things like wash our hands more, wear a mask and be a little distant from people. That’s not killing us. It’s when we take on the attitude, “I’m an American. I’m going to do what I want to do, when I want to do it and however, I feel like doing it,” then, that attitude becomes part of our national trouble.
Covid-19 is trouble enough. Americans are all in some way sharing in the troubles of this virus. Please, let’s all work together to be part of the solution and not add to our national troubles.

Who Will Decide Your Death?
By Dr. Glenn Mollette
After battling multiple sclerosis for twelve years my wife was in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital. The care had been good and everyone was attentive. The physician in charge of her care pulled me aside one day and said, “Glenn, you know, there comes a time for all of us and your wife has suffered with this disease for a long time. Don’t you think it’s time we let her go on?” He then added, “We can let her go on or we can try to extend her life as long as possible.” “Doc,” I replied, “I want her to live as long as possible.” “Good enough,” he said, “That’s what we will try to do.”
She lived about two weeks or so after that conversation. During those two weeks she spent quality time with family, her sons and I. She had visitors who had conversations with her. Before her death she was able to speak clearly to me and state her thoughts and wishes. I remember the day we had to take her back to the nursing home that she ate one of the better meals that she had eaten in several weeks. Those two weeks was time that I know she would not have wanted to have given up, nor would I.
I have found it interesting looking back now that a couple of the nurses at the nursing home stated to me the day that we got her back to the nursing home, “Glenn, we are so sorry.” It was like they were saying they were sorry about my wife’s death and looking back, that’s exactly what they were talking about. It was like the hospital had said to the nursing home staff, “There is nothing more to be done and it’s time to let her die.” My question all along has been did they let her die, or did they push or move her death along a little faster? It seemed after her meal that she enjoyed, that she suddenly started going downhill fast, became quieter, groggy and eventually lulled into a sleep in which she never woke up and passed away.
A friend of mine had a stroke recently. A lady who I know who used to work in the hospital said, “After seven days, Medicare will give the hospital an ultimatum. Either she is going to get better or they will tell the hospital to unhook her and let her die.” She had a living will and so the hospital staff used the living will to state, “This is what she wants.”
I’ve taken note lately that every place I go is pushing a living will document at me. I’m going to have one, but I’ll write it. I don’t need an insurance provider or Medicare writing my living will for me. Whose advantage is the living will for if they have written the document and I have merely signed it? It’s more for their bottom line.
Your life is worth more than the bottom line. We all will likely be out of control at the end of life. Don’t make it so easy for those who don’t even know you to take your life away from you.
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