The Minnesota Department of Health has confirmed that a kitten that bit three people has tested positive for rabies in Otter Tail County. The kitten bit the owner of a farm, a 4-year-old child, and a pregnant woman earlier this month. The owner of the farm recalled an incident in October where the kitten was attacked by a skunk. The Board of Animal Health warns the public that skunks have a very high probability of carrying rabies and that if you see your animals interacting with skunks, you should contact a veterinarian. The Board of Animal Health is continuing their investigation to determine the extent of both animal and human exposure of the virus.


The Public is reminded to:

  • Vaccinate all dogs, cats, ferrets and horses against the rabies virus and keep them up to date.
  • Confine pets or livestock that are bitten by a bat, skunk or other wild animal and consult your veterinarian and the Board for next steps.
    • The minimum confinement period for domestic animals exposed or potentially exposed to the rabies virus is 45 days and may be as long as 180 days.
    • Pets or livestock exposed or potentially exposed to the rabies virus should see a veterinarian within 96 hours for a rabies vaccination.
    • Veterinarians should contact the Board at 651-201-6808 whenever a domestic animal is suspected to have been exposed to the rabies virus.


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