Brown County Sheriff's Office

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office along with the New Ulm Police Department hosted an informational meeting on Wednesday to discuss the Vitals safety service. Brown County Sheriff Jason Seidl said the service caters to a lot of people, including those suffering from dementia, have a mental illness, autism, or medical condition that may alter their experience with law enforcement.

Seidl said they heard about the service and took a practical approach when looking at how they can use it. He said the service will help them resolve conflicts because they will have more information on the individual through this service. The service provides law enforcement with whatever information the individual or their caretaker is willing to provide including physical description, picture, condition, de-escalation techniques, triggers, emergency contacts, and even videos from loved ones explaining the situation. The officers are notified when they are within 80 feet of the individual. The individuals either wear a beacon or have an app on their android phone.


New Ulm Officers and Brown County deputies have had the service in place since November 1st.



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