by Luke Torborg

As I am entering my third week as an intern at KNUJ, I can safely say that this internship is a perfect fit for me and I swear they didn’t force me to say that.

Searching for an internship, especially when it is needed for a degree, is often times an overwhelming and competitive task. It seems as if everyone else and their grandmother is applying for the same internship. If you do happen to find one it is likely you will spend your time making copies, getting coffee, or cleaning the work fridge.

KNUJ offered something far different than other companies, it tailors the internship to the interest of the intern whether it be programing, public relations, or marketing. From my initial conversation on the phone with Jim Bartel and later Brian Filzen, it was clear to me how personable and tight nit KNUJ was.

Although, I am still mostly just referred to as “intern” I already feel like a part of the KNUJ family. This is probably because of the staff’s sense of humor that’s just a dry and sarcastic as mine, especially Tom Wheeler’s.

Growing up in the small town of St. Augusta, on the outskirts of Saint Cloud, I have always had a soft spot for small towns. I admire the traditions rooted within small towns, and how everyone seems to know your name.

Not only has the staff at KNUJ been extremely welcoming since I have started here, but the city of New Ulm has been as well. After being introduced once on KNUJ’s Facebook page, several of you have already took it upon yourselves to remember my name and manage to wish me a good morning between my very short walk between the parking lot and the station.

Although, very welcoming Brian was not afraid to put me to work immediately. After my short eight days at KNUJ I have already written a hand full of advertisements, aired baseball games, written news segments, and have learned how to dub commercials, although I’m still a little rusty on the latter. The polka music has even begun to grow on me a little despite it taking a little over a week to acclimate to. I am unsure if I would listen to it in my free time, but I can’t deny that my feet tap along to it every time it plays.

After taking various public relations classes and working as editor at the campus newspaper at Mankato State, I look forward to increasing my experience and knowledge of the other platforms of mass media. I am very excited to add radio to that list- and couldn’t have picked a better place to learn it then at KNUJ.


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