Scam Alert

The Watonwan County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of scams in the area. Scammers are reaching out to Human Resources Directors and are e-mailing from common addresses to try to change payroll information for employees by requesting banking information. The initial e-mail may look legitimate from the body, but they advise you to make sure that you check the address that it came from. They advise HR departments to reach out to their employees personally or verbally before they respond to any requests. Computer scams are also taking place called ransomware. E-mails are being sent out requesting you to click on a link. If that link is clicked, they will immediately lock your computer. The scammer will hold the locked computer for ransom, demanding an amount of money, to unlock it. They will continuously ask for money, without following through. The Sheriff’s Office said to not pay this ransom as they will never unlock your device.


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