The GFW Facilities Task Force will be hosting informational meetings so the community can receive an update. Superintendent Lonnie Seifert said the Task Force had a nice representation of the District, but they’d like more input.
The Task Force came up with suggestions to make to the School Board, one being to have a single campus at a location determined by the Board. The other option is to have a preK through 6th building in Winthrop and a 7 through 12 building in Fairfax. After receiving public input, the task force will make their recommendation to the School Board who will then decide to move forward with a referendum or to continue reviewing. Seifert hopes they’d have a decision by May. The first meeting will be tonight at 6:30 in the Fairfax gymnasium, the second will be on April 2nd in Gibbon and the last on April 4th in Winthrop.


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