Every Year, KNUJ’s Town days comes on the air, where our station recognizes and broadcasts from about 30 area towns…interviews folks from that town, and air tidbits of information all day long about that respective community.
How and why did ‘Town Days’ on KNUJ get started?
When I first started at KNUJ in 1975, our station always did coverage of National FFA Week.  We covered chapters in a number of towns in our area, but not all of them.  About 1982-83 our Program Director – I think it was Mike Stark at the time – thought we should broaden this out to more than FFA in the towns.  So after some brainstorming done by Mike; Jim Tessien, Sales Manager;  Mike Brigger of our sales staff,  GM Perry Galvin and myself, we decided to interview other members of the community on those FFA visits – and create a KNUJ Town Day for that Town.   The idea and brainstorming probably took about 15 minutes…and Town Days was born!
At the start, it was probably 6-8 towns and now has expanded to about 30, and airs roughly from mid-January to the end of February.  It has become a great tradition at KNUJ, for our communities and for our listeners!  And a key part of our ‘Hometown Radio’ philosophy.
Jim B
General Manager


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