— The City of Brownton was founded in the year 1857 by Alonzo Brown.
— The City of Brownton was originally called “Grimshaw’s Settlement” when the first settlers arrived in 1856.
— Brownton is in McLeod County, right off of Highway 212. Highway 15 runs past it as well.
— New Auburn is a city in Sibley County. The community was named for Auburn, New York. It was originally named High Island.
— New Auburn once served as a hub of the fur trade business.
— Buffalo Creek runs through Brownton, and Lake Addy is right outside of town. Lake Marion is only 4 miles north of town on Highway 15.
— The founder of Brownton, Alonzo Brown, was involved with the railroad. A fort was built on the north edge of town as a stop-over for soldiers. The town even had a cheese factory once.
— Thomas Scantlebury, the son of Samuel and Sarah Scantlebury, was born in Albany, New York around 1835. The family later lived in Rochester and New York City. The family moved to Minnesota and were among the founders of New Auburn in April 1856. Samuel built the first sawmill in the village and Thomas was appointed its postmaster in 1857.
— The settlers of New Auburn had originally petitioned to have the village be a part of McLeod County, but it was made a part of Sibley County.
— Lake Addy in Brownton is now actually 3 lakes. It started out as only 1, but then the railroad was built over it, and later a road.
–52% of New Auburn residents report German ancestry, and 4% report Irish.
— Some well-known Old-Tyme Music band leaders have Brownton ties. Jerry Schuft lived in Brownton, Lester Schuft graduated from Brownton High School, and Bruce Mielke, founder of the Bruce Bradley Band, is also from Brownton.
— Archer Nelson, a former Congressman who died in 1992, went to High School in Brownton.
— Lyle Katzenmeyer, who was inducted into the Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996, is from Brownton.
— The Brownton Bulletin retired in 2008 after serving the area for over 115 years. The Bulletin’s news and advertising was incorporated into the pages of the McLeod County Chronicle.


–KNUJ Farm Families of the Year include Clem and Laverna Mackenthun (Brownton 1984), Gary and Ardis Waller (Brownton 1995), Gean and Janel Zimmerman (Brownton 2004), and Robert and Lori Lindeman (Brownton 2016).



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