— Winthrop was established in 1858 as a stagecoach stop between Henderson and Fort Ridgely, and was originally known as “Eagle City.” The town was officially incorporated in 1881, and was named after Massachusetts Bay Colony Governor John Winthrop. It became an important railroad center for many years.
— Winthrop is located in Sibley County. Major highways in the town include 19 and 15.
— The 1st settlers in Winthrop were Erick and Brita Olson. They arrived in 1869, and what is currently the town site was their farmland until 1881. It was then that Erick platted the town site, and with the arrival of the railroad in 1881 as well, growth of the town was assured.
— Winthrop was named by EA Campbell, who played a prominent role in the building of the new town. He was the Postmaster at the Eagle City Post Office, and when he moved to the town site in 1881, the post office came with him. Campbell at one time owned all the buildings on the east side of Carver Street, north from 2nd to 3rd.
— In its early days, Winthrop was the principal business town in Sibley County. It was the largest wheat market on the Pacific Division of the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railways. Within a month after the town site was platted in 1881, a half-dozen or more establishments had set up shop.
— In 1929 the annual business meeting for Winthrop Cooperative Creamery Association was held at the new modern creamery. The volume of business at the new creamery for the fiscal year 1928 was over 313,000 pounds of butter. The average price for butter sold then was 45.8-cents, and for butterfat was 53.2-cents.
— Winthrop native Doug Lindstrom is a renowned Alaskan artist. Another famous Winthropian is WCCO Radio’s Roger Erickson.

— The City of Winthrop has a population of approximately 1,300 people. The Mayor is Kelly Pierson
–Members of the City Council include Robert Rickheim, Dale Malheim, Pete Machaiek, Julie Trebelhorn, and Lyle Muth.
–Winthrop is in the GFW School District. The Superintendent is Lonnie Seifert.
–The Winthrop Chief of Police is Karen Johnson.
–The Winthrop Fire Department serves the City of Winthrop as well as portions of the four surrounding townships: Alfsborg, Bismark, Cornish & Transit. The Chief is Troy Martin.

–The GFW 2018 Homecoming King and Queen were Matt Lavrenz and Madison Hoffmann.

–Winthrop KNUJ Farm Families of the Year include: Mr. and Mrs. Ben Trebelhorn (1985), Carey and Jan Remus (1986), Robert and Barb Sallstrom (1990), Kevin and Susan Louwagie (1996), Ron and Dave Trebelhorn (2003), and Harry and Kellie Sloot (2015).



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