— The City of Wabasso was founded in the year 1900.

— Wabasso is located in Redwood County on Highways 68 and 6.

— The name “Wabasso” is an Indian word that means “White Rabbits.”

— Wabasso residents are proud of their location in “The Heart Of Redwood County.”

— General Pershing, in charge of US troops during World War One, came to Wabasso around the time of the war and gave a speech to help with the war effort.

— The Mayor of Wabasso is Carol Atkins.

— The City Council includes Steve Burns, Rachel Ingebretson, Wade McKittrick, and Carole Remiger.

–KNUJ Farm Families include Goblirsch Dairy (2015) and Tom and Devonn Zeug (2016).

WABASSO–Festivals & Events

— The Wabasso Lions Club’s annual summer barbeque became a full-fledged festival starting in 2006. The fun-filled day includes live music, dancing, softball and baseball tournaments, threshing bees, carnival rides, and more. The annual event takes place in mid-July, and in recent years has been called the “Wabasso Lions All-Fest.”

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