TRUMAN DAY —- History

— The first settlement in the township was established in 1857 along Elm Creek. In 1862, many of the settlements in the area were burned during an Indian uprising, but many residents soon returned to rebuild their homes and farms.

— The City of Truman was founded in the year 1899 when the railroad came through. It was named after Truman Clark, the son of J.T. Clark, Vice President of the railroad.

— Truman is in Martin County on Highway 15. It is near Perch Lake.

— Truman is the hometown of former Speaker of the House Dave Jennings.

— In 1873 and 1874, grasshoppers devastated area crops, causing many to abandon their farms and leave the area. By 1878, nearly three out of every four farms was vacant or abandoned.

— During the early years, Truman was host to two “large” hotels, the Pioneer Hotel and the City Hotel and restaurant. Competition was fierce between them. In those days, a room cost a dollar a day. A third hotel was constructed in 1905, known as the Truman Hotel.

— In 1903, gas lighting was installed on Main Street. This was finally replaced in 1916 when electricity was brought to Truman by the Madelia Electric Company. Three years later the Interstate Power Company took over supplying power to the town. However, their service was so undependable that in 1938 residents built their own power plant. The plant continues to serve today as a backup generator, with most power being purchased less expensively from the interstate power grid.

— In 1931 the N.Y. (Harlem) Globetrotters played a team in Truman. The basketball teams were composed of five of the outstanding stars in ball handling and shooting.

— The last train passed through on August 2nd, 1973, ending a 74 year service to the community of Truman.

— In 1974, the village of Truman officially became a city.

— Dr. August Hunte was the first permanent doctor in Truman. Prior to moving to the town he rode his bike 14 miles to Truman from Granada every day.

— In 1901 Otto Graf donated land to build a school and park in Truman.

TRUMAN DAY —- History

— Edward E. Olson was the first 4-year graduate from Truman High School in 1913. He was the only one in his class. He later owned Olson Furniture and the Olson Funeral Homes in Truman and Fairmont.

— In 1919 “Old Highway 15” – located 1 miles west of the present Highway 15 – was graveled and graded. The present Highway 15 was built in 1936.
— In 1923 an alleged Ku Klux Klan meeting was held in rural Truman, under the secrecy of the night.
— Judge Haycraft sentenced some Truman chicken thieves to attend church every Sunday in 1926, or go to jail.
— The Truman Gun Club was organized in 1945, and is still operating to this day.
— Lights were first erected on the Truman High School football field in 1947.
— The Rialto Theater in Truman closed its doors for good in 1958.
— The Truman Municipal Swimming Pool opened in 1967.
— The Lewisville School consolidated with the Truman School in 1971.
— In 1982 the Truman High School Football Team won the first Prep Bowl I Class C State Championship against Belgrade. The Metrodome was brand new. Truman won in the last minute with a field goal by the coach’s son, Ron Peterson.
— Truman celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1999. That was the same year the town’s new water tower was built and 2 of the oldest businesses in town, Olson’s Furniture and the Truman Farmers’ Elevator both went out of business.
— Truman suffered a disastrous flood due to heavy rains in 2010.
— Truman elected its first woman mayor, Lynn Brownlee, in 2010.
–Truman holds the Minnesota record for the earliest tornado of the year: March 18th, 1968.
— Truman holds the state record for the best voter turnout. On November 7th, 1950, there were 559 eligible voters in Truman. A total of 542 of them voted that day, a 96.9% turnout!


–Lynn Bronwlee is the Mayor and the City Council is made up by Brandon Mosloski,
Jake Ebert, Brian Nickerson, and Kathy Hendricksen.

–Truman Public Schools is an independent school district who offers classes in grades K-12. All students attend classes right here in the community, with the elementary in the east wings and the high school in the west wings. Truman Schools provide a safe, personal, quality education to our children who they believe are an invaluable investment in their future. Lisa Shellum is the Superintendent/Pricipal.

–The 2018 Homecoming King and Queen were Clay Gieseke and Alyssa Nagorske

–Truman is also the home of St. Paul’s Lutheran parochial school, which serves students in grades K-8. Children who attend St. Paul’s receive a Christian-centered education and are active participants in the community.

–Justin Jobe is the Truman Police Chief and Dave Bentz is the Chief of the Truman Fire Department.

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