— The City of Sanborn was founded in the year 1891 by Charles Porter, who was the 1st man to claim land in town. He was a soldier in the Civil War.
— The City of Lamberton was founded in the year 1872 by HW Lamberton, who was with the railroad.
— Sanborn and Lamberton are both located in Redwood County.
— Sanborn is located off Highway 71, two miles south of the intersection of 71 and Highway 14, which is known as “Sanborn Corners.”
— Lamberton is located on Highway 14.
— The Cottonwood River runs through a park in the City of Sanborn.
— The original settlement of Lamberton was called “Cottonwood Crossing” and was situated on the banks of the Cottonwood River. That settlement was flooded, so the town was moved up the hill, and became Lamberton.
— Sanborn is home to the McCone Sod Houses. Sod houses were the 1st homes built by pioneers. There are tours available, and even a sod house available for a unique bed and breakfast experience.
— Lamberton is home to the Southwest Experimental Station. Operated by the University of Minnesota, the site on the edge of Lamberton conducts ag research. The site was started in 1959 with 240 acres, and has now grown to over 668 acres.

SANBORN & LAMBERTON–Festivals & Events
— Sanborn’s annual summer festival is called “Watermelon Days.” The festivities take place every July in Sanborn, and include many fun events, as well as a parade. There’s plenty of free watermelon for everybody too.
— Sanborn celebrates the holiday season with the annual “Memories of a Hometown Christmas.” The day-long festival takes place on the 2nd Saturday in December and features pony and sleigh rides, a craft fair, raffles, games, and much more.
— Lamberton has a summer festival called “Hot Iron Days.” The 2-day festival takes place in September. The festival celebrates the Blacksmith profession. The highlight is the hot iron pour, in which participants make a mold and the watch the sparks fly as the molten iron is poured into it. Lamberton’s blacksmith shop is open to the public during the festivities as well, with numerous items on display.
— The American Legion Colborn Post #286 in Sanborn hosts a Steak Fry every 2nd Saturday night of the month.
— The Sanborn Community Club is a group of volunteer citizens who give their time and talents for the enhancement of the community. New members are ALWAYS welcome and they meet at the Sanborn American Legion on the 3rd Thursday of every month. They help plan activities every year including fundraisers such as a hamburger feed for Watermelon Days, Community Club Spring Banquet, Dairy Days, the Watermelon Days Celebration and Parade, and the Hometown Christmas events.

–­The City of Sanborn’s population is approximately 400 people, and the Mayor is Al Larson. Council Members include Ed Cohrs, Mary Fennern, Pat Simonson and Kelly Pierson.
–Red Rock Central School District serves the communities of Sanborn, Lamberton, Storden and Jeffers. Superintendent of RRC is Bruce Olson and the principal is Phil Goetstouwers. Olson announced he would be retiring in 2019. RRC High School was designated a Blue Ribbon School in 2018.
The Mayor of Lamberton is Lydell Sik. Council Members include David Irlbeck, Leah Bittner, Julie Senst and Darrell Knutson.
–It is the goal of the Lamberton Police Department to protect and serve the community. Police Chief is Nick Hacker.
–Lamberton has a 20 member volunteer Fire Department trained to handle both firefighting and rescue operations. Fire Chief is Tom Neperman.
–The Ambulance Service is a city owned organization staffed by local volunteer certified drivers and EMT’s. Allison Rue is the Director.
–The Red Rock Central Homecoming King and Queen for 2018 was Noah Stovnes and Cierra Gode.

— Sanborn and Lamberton KNUJ Farm Families include: Ralph and Judi Weber (1983 Sanborn), Gerald and Lucy Moldan (Lamberton 1985), Donald and Sharon Coulter (Lamberton 1990), David and Cindy Moldan (Lamberton 1995), and the Netzge Brothers (Lamberton 2007).


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