— The City of Young America was founded in the year 1856. Norwood was founded in 1881. The 2 cities became a single city in 1997.

— Norwood Young America is in Carver County on Highways 212, 5, and 25.

— NYA is located near 2 lakes: Eagle Lake and Hydes Lake.

— Young America was settled by people of both English and German descent. The 1st sign of tension was a dispute over what the town should be called. James Slocum named the town Young America, but the Germans wanted it called Teuteburg. The Germans reportedly lettered the name on a board leading into town, but when a team of runaway oxen destroyed the sign, it was seen as a bad omen. They then wanted to name the town Florence, but when it was discovered that there was already a town in Minnesota with that name, Young America was agreed upon.

— In 1872, the Hastings and Dakota Division of the Milwaukee and St. Louis Railroad was built, leaving Young America a mile away because the residents refused to pay a charge. James Slocum then moved near the tracks and founded Young America Station. In 1874, through a special act of the state legislature, the name was changed to Norwood, in honor of Slocum’s best friend.

— Norwood had a population of 334 when it was incorporated in 1881. In 1880, Young America had a population of 151. All earlier census reports were destroyed by a fire. In 1914 the town of Norwood was almost destroyed by a fire that started at the 2 elevators of the Reliance Company. The Norwood Times reported that a “well-known character was dragged from the elevator. Sparks from his pipe were believed to be the cause of the fire.”

— The 1st baby born in Norwood was Frank Effertz, born on November 15, 1873.

— In the late 1800’s, Norwood used to have horse races on Main Street.

— The modern age was ushered into Norwood in 1910 when Chris Effertz, Ed Bauermeister, and George Bradley purchased 3 automobiles in the Cities. The drive from Minneapolis took 5 hours, and people lined the streets to witness the arrival of the horseless carriages.

— The merger of the Cities of Norwood and Young America was approved by voters on November 9th, 1995. The Young America vote results were: 309 “Yes” votes and 200 “No” votes; in Norwood: 295 “Yes” votes and 107 “No” votes.


— Norwood Young America shares a school district with the communities of Hamburg and Cologne. District 108’s Central High School is located in NYA. Their nickname is the Raiders.

— Some of NYA’s major employers include: the Young America Corporation, which produces premium fulfillment house-coupons; Duebers, a dry goods office and warehouse; Lano Equipment, an implement dealer; and the town’s 2 banks, State Bank of Young America and Citizen’s Bank of Norwood Young America.

— Many residents of NYA are employed at the nearby Bongard’s Creamery. Bongard’s makes good cheese and other dairy products.


–The Fire Chief is Chief Steve Zumberge. Policing in the City of Norwood Young America is provided by the Carver County Sheriff’s Department and also a Town Deputy.

–The Mayor is Tina Diedrick.

–Norwood Young America Farm Families of the Year include Roger and Frances Kramer (1993), Gary and Marilee Widmer (1994), Greg and Terri Worm (2005), Larry and Debbie Drier (2006), Dean and Michelle Heuer, Paul and Jen Heuer (2012), and Seven C Dairy (2018).

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