— The City of Morgan was founded in the year 1878 by the railroad.

— The City of Franklin was founded in the year 1869 by Ronald Degner.

— Morgan is in Redwood County on Highways 68 and 67.

— Franklin is in Renville County on Highway 19. It is located on the banks of the Minnesota River.

— The Township of Morgan was platted in 1878. It was originally called Brookville, but was later changed to Morgan. It was called Holland for a period of 5 years as well.

— The 1st Post Master of Morgan was TG Holland, a section boss for the railroad. The post office opened on October 21st, 1878, but due to lack of business it closed on January 23rd, 1880. A year later, Holland was still struggling for business until the village suddenly doubled in business population with the opening of the General Store by George Knudson, of Sleepy Eye. The post office returned on February 10th, 1881, under the name of Holland, with Knudson as Post Master. The name was changed back to Morgan on February 10th, 1886.

— In 1882 Morgan was home to a grain elevator, general store, hotel, and blacksmith.

— Morgan was incorporated on February 21st, 1889. It had a population of 230 people at the time.

— The newspaper for the Morgan and Franklin area, The Morgan Messenger, was founded in 1889.

— Morgan is the hometown of several well-known people. They include: State Senator Dennis Fredrickson; State Representative Marty Seifert; the former Head Clerk for the Minnesota House of Representatives, Albin Mathiowetz; Guy Forbrook, who runs the Outlaw Circuit; Kent Meyers, and author of many notable works; and Steven Hoffbeck, also a writer as well as a History Professor at MSU.

–KNUJ Farm Families include Dave and Joann Simonsen (Morgan 1987), Richard and Agnes Wildt (Morgan 1991), Dick and Lynn Green (Morgan 1993), Dave and Bonnie Mathiowetz (Morgan 1998), Roger and Faye Gilland (2006), Nosbush Dairy (Franklin 2007), John and Sheila Robinson (Franklin 2013), and Mike Sullivan Family (Franklin 2016).

MORGAN & FRANKLIN–Festivals & Events

— Morgan’s big celebration of the year is City and Country Days. It is always held on the weekend of Father’s Day in June, and features food, dancing, sports tournaments and much more.

— Every year on September 11th the Morgan fire Department and Ambulance Association holds an Appreciation Day to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks in 2001.

— Franklin’s big summer celebration is Catfish Days, which is held the 4th weekend of July. Catfish Days features all sorts of fun, including live music, lots of food, and fishing. There is even a “Kiss The Catfish Contest.” Pucker up!

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