— The City of Henderson was founded in 1852 by famous pioneer Joseph Renshaw Brown.

— Henderson is located in Sibley County on Highways 19 and 93. The town is right on the banks of the Minnesota River, and is near Bucks Lake.

— Along with founding the City of Henderson, Joseph Brown was also active in many other projects that helped settle the area. In 1852, Brown proposed the new County of Sibley and established the City of Henderson, which was the county seat for 37 years before being moved to Gaylord. Brown moved his family to Henderson in 1854 and was elected Sibley County Recorder. He passed away in 1870 and was buried in Henderson, where a monument to him was dedicated in Brown Cemetery in 1910.

— Henderson was a major transportation hub in the mid-1800’s due to its proximity to the Minnesota River. In 1855 the Territorial Legislature authorized the survey of 9 roads, all emanating from Henderson. This prompted Legislator Martin McLeod to quip: “If Paris is France, Henderson will soon be Minnesota.”

— Joseph Brown had a fascination with methods of overland travel. This led him to experiment with “steam wagons,” the 1stof which was demonstrated in Henderson in 1860. It traveled for 28 days from Henderson to a location 4 miles from Fort Ridgely, where it stuck in a bog and stayed there. The dream of using steam wagons died with Brown in 1870.

— Henderson was a Wagon Town for many years, beginning in the 1850’s. Wagons of all shapes, sizes, and colors were built and retrofitted in Henderson for the use of the steady stream of pioneers heading west. Joseph Brown and his partner, Henry Poehler, were prominent in this business for many years.

— More information about Joseph Brown and the early days of the City of Henderson and the surrounding area is available at the Joseph R. Brown Minnesota River Center. The interpretive museum is located in the historic 1879 Sibley County Courthouse in Henderson.


–The Mayor of Henderson is Paul Menne, with the City Council made up by Randy Tiegs, Robyn Geldner, Jim Wartman, and Kelly Braun.

–For over 125 years the Henderson Fire Department has been committed to serving the City of Henderson, Jessenland, and Henderson Townships. Thank you for your support! The Fire Chief is Brandon Phillips.

–The Henderson Police Department is dedicated to serving its community, commanding integrity, representing citizen morality, and keeping safewatch over the city of Henderson. The Henderson Police Chief is Karl Haugen.

–Minnesota New Country School in Henderson is a tuition free public charter school serving grades k-12 with emphasis on Individualized project-based learning, Licensed staff in core content areas, Low teacher/student ratio emphasizing relationships, Technology. They have an equipped recording studio, art studio, wood shop, metal shop, science lab, ceramics workshop, media center, kitchen, greenhouse and workout equipment and free transportation to and from 10 local communities

–The Le Sueur-Henderson 2018 Homecoming King and Queen were Lane Schwarz and Kelsey Berndt.

–In the Le Sueur-Henderson Public School District, they believe that all students deserve the opportunity to learn and succeed. This is done by having a shared commitment to learning that enables every student to contribute and succeed in life. They also believe that collaboration between the home, the school, and the community has a positive impact on student success. Together, they are an educational family, which inspires a culture of excellence, integrity, collaboration, and a safe and respectful school environment. The Superintendent is Dr. Marlene Johnson.

–Hilltop Elementary in Henderson is a small school, but students have GIANT opportunities to challenge themselves through their STEM program, receive individualized instruction through the 1:1 Chromebook initiative, explore classes such as art, media, music, and physical education, participate in school wide PBIS programming, showcase talents through various local, regional, and state academic competitions, and develop leadership skills through participation in Student Council, Fuel Up to Play 60, Student Advisory, and much more!

–Henderson KNUJ Farm Families include: Morris and Julie Lieske (1991), Jerome and Jean Schuetz (1992), and David and Mary Tesch (2008).

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