— The City of Gaylord was founded in 1876.

— Elections were held and the village of Gaylord was incorporated in 1883.

— Gaylord is the county seat of Sibley County. It is located on Highways 19 and 22.

— Lake Titloe is in Gaylord. A smaller lake, Mud Lake, is just out of town.

— Gaylord was originally an early Indian settlement. It became a railroad town after the 1st white settlers came to the area in 1860. The town was founded in 1876.

— A commonly-used trail to the Dakota Territory passed through the future site of Gaylord in the 1850s.

— The surveyors named the site after E.W. Gaylord after determining that the name Maasville, after Alfred Maas was too long.

— At one time, Gaylord and Henderson were at odds over which city would become the county seat. Gaylord won.


–The Mayor of Gaylord is Dawn Kratzke.

–Michael Foods is the largest employer, situated at the confluence of Highways 5 and 19 on the east edge of the town. The second largest employer in the town is Sibley County, for which Gaylord is the county seat.

–Gaylord is part of the Sibley East School District. Immanuel Lutheran is located in Gaylord.

–Gaylord KNUJ Farm Families of the Year include Gordy and Sara Schmidt(1983), Gerald and Vickie Henke (1993), Mark and Karen Brandt (1994), Gordan and Sarah Schmidt (1997), Daryl and Shar Husfeldt (2004), and Dieball Dairy (2018).


–Gaylord businesses and attractions inclue, Lang’s Meat Market, Jalisco Market, Jerry’s Home Quality Foods, Gold Leaf Inn & Suites, EJ’s Bar & Grill, Blimpie, Neisen’s Bar, Prairie House Family Restaurant and the Gaylord Area Aquatic Center.


–The Gaylor Eggstravaganza takes place every August.


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