— The City of Courtland was founded in the year 1855 by a group of investors.
— Courtland is in Nicollet County on the banks of the Minnesota River. It is located between Highways 14 and 68.
— The founders of the Village of Courtland were: Jacob Harmon, Mr. Haresing, John Sidel, Jacob Gfeller, and Ole Nelson.
— Courtland was originally called “Hilo.” In 1856, the Hilo Post Office was established in the home of William Duprey. In 1858 the township and village were surveyed, and in 1865 it was re-named Courtland, after a town in New York of the same name, but without the U— Cortland.
— In 1856 the Village of Redstone was surveyed near Courtland where the ferry crossed the Minnesota River. The town was never developed though.
— In 1859 a Lutheran Church was organized in Courtland.
— In 1882 Courtland had 3 general stores, a harness shop, a wagon shop, a hotel, and a grain elevator.
— The City of Courtland was officially incorporated in 1892.
— Eight residents of Courtland were killed in the 1862 Sioux Uprising.

— The children of Courtland attend school in either New Ulm or Nicollet, or at the Immanuel Lutheran School located just outside of town.
— Courtland is home to a saw mill. Minnesota Valley Forest Products deals in hardwood lumber.
— Two major industries in the city of Courtland include: Hancock Concrete and G and S Manufacturing, which was formerly located in New Ulm.
— Residents of the Courtland area have a place to buy new and used cars at S and S Motors.

–The Mayor of Courtland is Al Poehler with the City Council comprised by Pam Rodewald, Ralph Bents, Kandyce Peton, and Tom Foley. The Fire Chief is┬áDave Ubel.

–Courtland KNUJ Farm Families include: John and Bev Schroeder (1984), Reuben and Judy Bode (2007), John and Bev Shroeder again (2010).

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