— The City of Comfrey was founded in 1899 by the Chicago Northwestern Railroad.
— Comfrey is located, for the most part, in Brown County. There are few homes in Comfrey that are technically located in Cottonwood County.
— Highway 258 runs through Comfrey. The Cottonwood River and Mound Creek Dam are near town.
— The town of Comfrey was founded when the Chicago Northwestern Railroad purchased one-quarter section of land from C-J Holm in 1899. Postman and farmer AW Pederson moved the post office to the new town site to be near the railroad. He named the town “Comfrey” after a plant that grew abundantly in the area.
— Comfrey’s weekly newspaper is the Comfrey Times. It was 1st published in the year 1900.
— The City of Comfrey was devastated by a tornado in March of 1998. Over two thirds of the buildings in town were destroyed, but the community pulled together and rebuilt the town better than ever before.
— A famous Comfrey native is the owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Glenn Taylor.
–Comfrey is the home of the Jeffers Petroglyphs. Amid the prairie grasses of southern Minnesota lies one of the state’s most intriguing treasures-islands of exposed rock where ancient peoples left carved records of their existence nearly 5,000 years ago.

–Gary Richter has served as Mayor of Comfrey since January, 2003.
–The City Council consists of Susan Everswho is the Commissioner of Community Center, Parks, John Schmitt who is the Commissioner of Water, Darlene
Arnsdorf who is the Commissioner of Sewer and Rick Kastner who is the Commissioner of Streets.
–Comfrey Public School envisions a learning environment that offers a solid foundation of academics in a safe and enthusiastic atmosphere. They strive to nurture partnerships with the district students, staff and a supportive community. They are committed to excellence in education, individual involvement, lifelong learning and responsible citizenship for all.

–The 2018 Homecoming King and Queen were Eli Samuelson and Hailey Pidde.

–The Comfrey Fire Department has 23 active volunteer firefighters.  They service the City of Comfrey and 119 sections which lay in Brown, Cottonwood and Watonwan Counties. Their regular training night is the 3rd Tuesday of each month and their regular meeting night is the last Tuesday of every month. The Fire Chief is Steve Berberich.
–The Comfrey Police Chief is Eric Schwarzrock.

–KNUJ Comfrey Farm Families include: Jim and Jeri Hansen (1999) and Greg and Kari Scholtz (2012).


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