— The City of Bird Island was founded in the year 1881 as a railroad settlement.

— Bird Island is located on Highway 212 in Renville County. The town is located between Birch Coulee and Buffalo Creeks.

— Like many other pioneer communities, Bird Island was founded as a railroad settlement. Local history says the town got its name because of a large nearby lake that had an island. Birds used to perch on that island, making it “Bird Island.” The lake has since been drained, but people can still see where the dried up lake bed is.

— Bird Island is home to former State Representative and Teacher Roger Cooper.

— Bird Island is the hometown of baseball and basketball stand-out Barry Wohler.

— KNUJ’s own Todd Olson hails from the City of Bird Island!

–The Mayor of Bird Island is Julie Sander

–Bird Island Farm Families of the Year include Doug and Carol Toreen (1997), John and Karen Roker (2002), Triple F Farms; Bruce and Brian Frank (2009), Mike and Mary; Bill and Janelle Neubauer (2011), and Lyle and Pam Lundstrum(2014).


–Island Days takes place in June, Polka Days happens in July, and the Renville County Fair takes place in August.

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