New Ulm Park and Rec Director Tom Schmitz is hoping that the City of New Ulm can finish what they started in the 90’s at German Park. Back then, they installed the gardens, updated the pavilion and added other amenities, but they had bigger plans for the park’s redevelopment. Part of the redevelopment included a new amphitheater, but funds dried up and they didn’t have enough for all projects.

Schmitz says that they have now raised $331,000 in pledges, donations, and city funds to update the amphitheater, but still need $136,000 to start construction. They feel an intensified pressure to raise funds as some of the donors plan on rescinding their pledges if the project isn’t done in 2019. If you want to make a pledge or donate to see the completion of the project, you can call Tom at 233-2121, extension number 202.


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