A Butterfield man has been charged with child neglect after his children were found living in filth. In October, an investigator with the Watonwan County Sheriff’s Office went to the residence of 27-year-old Jackson Clanton. The officer noticed that the home was in significant disarray, with dirty dishes and food containers in every room. Clanton had 4 children under the age of 4 in the home, there was no gas and they had electric heating and the children were seen wearing winter jackets and snow-pants with bare feet, black from filth and two of the children had diapers so dirty they were sagging with urine and fecal material was going up their back. The children were removed from the home and put in protective custody where they received medical attention. Two of the children tested positive for methamphetamine, two had elevated lead levels, and all 4 tested positive for E. coli and had had diarrhea for weeks. A Deputy shared this information with Clanton who said he observed the children eating paint chips along with their own waste. He has also been charged with causing a child to ingest meth.


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