Redwood Area Hospital, Carris Health and CentraCare Health have taken a major step towards the construction of a new health campus by selecting land on the east side of Redwood Falls. A purchase agreement has been signed by all involved parties for a 35 acre parcel of land located on County Road 24, east of St. John School. The purchase agreement includes the option to buy additional acres in the future, allowing for future growth. Currently, Redwood Area Hospital is outgrowing its space with 12 rehab practitioners working in a treatment space designed for 6. Surgery is performing an estimated 1100 surgeries this year in a space designed to accommodate 600-700 surgeries per year. The building project will take an estimated two and a half years, with completion in 2021. During the building process, the hospital and clinic will continue operations in their current locations with no disruptions to care.


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