Two men have been charged in Blue Earth County Court in connection to the armed robbery that occurred at a convenience store in Mankato last week. On Friday, Mankato Police alerted the public of two individuals that used a shotgun and a knife to rob the store, and stole cigarettes, cigars, and cash. A witness told police that he was at a warehouse the next day and found a large knife laying on the sidewalk and thought it could be connected to the robbery and another witness reported that a shotgun was stolen from his truck and it is believed to be the same weapon used in the robbery. Later on Friday, another witness came forward and identified one of the suspects as 21-year-old Deshon Johnson Jr. of Mankato, because Johnson told him that he and 19-year-old Noah Barnes of St. Paul had just committed the robbery and that they needed to get out of town. When Police confronted the suspects, they searched Barnes’ backpack and found 1.6 grams of methamphetamine and 3.65 grams of marijuana, as well as the brand of cigarettes that were stolen in the robbery. Both men are facing multiple charges.


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