An Arlington man is facing multiple charges after shooting a 5-year-old in the arm. Deputies from the Sibley County Sheriff’s Office were called to the emergency room on October 30th for the report of a child that sustained a gunshot wound. According to court documents, 38-year-old Petr Panko retrieved a handgun from his safe located in his living room; he pulled the slide back, removed the magazine, and pulled the trigger. There was still a round in the weapon when it discharged and struck the 5-year-old in the arm. Panko’s wife said that Panko was also holding their infant at the time the weapon went off. Panko stated that he thought that the gun was not loaded at the time and that he had the gun pointed at the ground. Police noted that there was no damage to the floor, so the gun had to have been pointed up. Panko was charged last week in Sibley County Court with discharging a firearm that endangered safety, recklessly handling a firearm and intentionally pointing a gun at another.


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