The City of New Ulm has had 3 pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents in just 45 days. New Ulm Police Chief Dave Borchert said that there are probably several factors involved, that there is no one person or action to blame. Borchert said the Police Department doesn’t have a lot of answers as the State Patrol took over the investigations of two of the cases and they have yet to receive a report from them. He believes that pedestrian safety is not just a local issue, and that it’s part of a bigger conversation. Borchert said that the Department has been talking about pedestrian safety even before these accidents occurred. He said that hopefully the city can add more crossings with flashing lights to make it safer for pedestrians, as sometimes you have to travel long distances before you are able to reach a crossing. He also advises that pedestrians should generally wear clothing that is visible and reflective. He said if a driver doesn’t see you, it can be very unforgiving. Whoever is at fault doesn’t change the fact that someone has been injured. Borchert also reminds drivers that pedestrians certainly always have the right-of-way and that drivers need to obey that. Borchert said he is committed to creating a safer community for pedestrians and drivers.


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